TOOLS- 就如工具一樣, 協助更有效率的收納,獨特的LOGO以工具所延伸出來的齒輪 板手 螺絲為設計概念

設計團隊從選布-調色-光澤感-紋理 完全親自參與開發出TOOLS專屬布料,為的就是在面料上呈現出獨一無二的金屬質感

這塊布料在TOOLS被編名為CLICK (金屬碰撞的聲音),TOOLS是一個極度自由發揮同時更貼近生活的設計品牌

以無限的創意 發現城市生活美學 跳動的色彩搭配,FREE & CLICK創造出TOOLS品牌時尚新態度

Tools – A brand to its name - aim to develop a much efficient storage with style.

The concept of the logo extended from the gears, the wrenches and the screws to form a unique icon.

The designer team participated in every stage of the fabric development, from the choice of the materials, the dying process, the choice of the glossiness effect and to the texture itself, so that we are able to present the one and the only metallic effect on fabrics.

This unique cloth is named “click” - the sound of the metals clinking and the idea of the perfect match.

“Tools” is a brand with the freedom to create, and we make designs closer to life.

We produce unlimited creations with highly contrasted hues to discover and enhance the beauty of city lifestyle.
Free & Click - Tools is the creation of a brand-new fashion attitude

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